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A Glimpse of AKKU

“ PT ANUGERAH KAGUM KARYA UTAMA Tbk is a public company that listed its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2004 "

The company was founded in Jakarta in 2001 under the name PT. Aneka Kemasindo Utama, in 2004 the company went public through the Initial Public Offering (IPO) process, and has listed 253,000,000 shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, under the AKKU stock code. In 2013 PT. Aneka Kemasindo Utama changed its name to PT. Alam Karya Unggul Tbk, and in 2016 PT. Alam Karya Unggul Tbk. changed back to PT. Anugerah Kagum Karya Utama Tbk. The Company's business lines are engaged in the integrated tourism industry. In the Limited Public Offering I (PUT I) held on November 25, 2016, the Company has successfully listed its shares of 6,449,463,636 shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, and through PUT I, the majority ownership of the Company has been transferred to PT. Eka Mandiri Anugerah Sejahtera, which is one of the companies in the KAGUM Group